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That actually scared me…

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Anonymous: You're still missing her then?


Anonymous: 28- if there's more than one state them all

28) What’s your biggest “what if”?

oh ive got plenty!

what if i didnt go to derby, leave derby, break up with my girlfriend when i was there; then aru, then now working. so many things. biggest one i have mentioned though

I think that Being in a position of like, power over a conversation.. like that I have when I’m at work. As in, I have to explain and describe different information/ issues etc whilst I’m in their house completing which ever job type I’ve been sent down. Has kinda helped me like to actually have conversations in like everyday situations? Like I don’t know this probably sounds weird. But I’ve grown a bit more confidence wise in such simple things. Also.. I don’t think powers the right word to use to describe it, it’s more like responsibility over a conversation? Because we have to convey so many different things with people from so many different backgrounds and situations etc, and it’s good customer care so I normally just end up chatting to them? I’d also like to think of myself as polite I guess. Can you say that about yourself? But yeah it has just made me more used to actually sorta talking to people and being able to actually engage in a conversation instead of shying away? I also ramble

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Anonymous: 8, 15, 16, 17 :)

8) Girls…. (finish the sentence); Boys…. (finish the sentence)

Girls: is a subject on which i can finding myself talking alot about„ well not a lot.. but if you get into a conversation about for a while, about like experiences (as in like past not in like sexually, well both but you’d probably have to know me well to get me to talk much about that i guess. im rambling.) 

Boys: i dont know, im not even sure how this question is supposed to be answered? boys.. yeah? i dont know aahah

15) Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

depends on the situation/ context, i love taking photos and that, and then every now and then maybe asking people to get one or two photos for me perhaps? but majority of the time i would feel much more comfy sitting behind the camera, trying to produce a crisp/ clean image that i could be proud of? kinda? i guess..

16) Simple but extremely complex. Favorite band?

overall.. possibly arctic monkeys i guess? 

17) What was the last lie you told? 

last lie i told? err, probably to my mum about what food ive eaten, jsut because i have a tendancy to forget to eat or just not be hungry? its just easier to say ive eaten?

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Feeling like a faerie tonight ☺️✨✨ Signing onto Myfreecams now!

She’d probably get a knife and kill me for my hideousness.

Or…ya know…I’d say ‘hello’…maybe ‘I’m Ashe, it’s nice to meet you’…..?

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